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Native helps companies  efficiently handle their offshore engineering team: recruitment, HR, and payroll all within one convenient platform.

Why use Native?

Automate everything – payroll, benefits, taxes, legal and compliance – from one easy spot.

Guaranteed lowest cost of any platform

No hidden fees. Full transparency. Cancel anytime. ‘Nuff said.

The most trusted provider

We have by far the most experience operating than any other company (we are truly native!)

Local U.S. - based support

Our headquarters in San Francisco means that we are always a quick phone call away for any type of need.

The widest network of benefits

We offer your contractors the broadest array of options for health insurance and other benefits, making them the happiest workforce on the planet.

Reliable and secure

We’ve been operating globally for 20 years and know every possible way to keep you fully protected.

Best of both worlds

Hire contractors with all the advantages of being employees but without all the heavy administrative cost (and your contractors will love the autonomy and flexibility too).

Easy to scale, simple to manage

Take out all the complexity and put your HR and payroll processes on autopilot.

Native is the most trusted platform for onboarding and maintaining amazing talent.

Seamless Payroll

Pay your whole team each month with one simple payment—and never worry that the taxes are wrong.

Bulletproof Legal & Compliance

Ensure all contracts and IP assignments are perfectly aligned with local laws and regulations. And we take on all the liabilities.

Awesome Benefits

Contractors can choose from the widest selection of available health insurance options as well as other benefits, making them much happier and more loyal.

Tons of Cost Savings

Don’t pay for stuff you don’t need or use: most other companies will turn your contractors into employees of a subsidiary, which adds a thick layer of administrative cost without any legal benefit.

All you have to focus on is finding great talent — oh, and we have amazing partners for that too!

Manage all your payments and contractors with a few clicks from one friendly self-service dashboard.

View and approve invoices

Review summary reports

Make and track payments

Review holidays and paid time off

Approve requests for reimbursable expenses

Store and manage contracts, consents and IP assignments

And much more!

native dashboard interface

No more manual nightmares.

Other companies promise you a local understanding.

We are the only ones that protect you with truly Native knowledge.

native dashboard interface

Ready to streamline your entire HR and payroll operations and start saving serious time and money?

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